Song of the Day #3,411: ‘The Night Before (Life Goes On)’ – Carrie Underwood

My appreciation of country music doesn’t extend to the generic country pop featured on Carrie Underwood’s 2005 debut album, Some Hearts. I like the harder-edged sound of hit single ‘Before He Cheats’ well enough, but something like today’s Random Weekend SOTD leaves me cold.

That said, I do think this song has merit lyrically. It depicts the relationship between a young woman about to head off to college and the small town man she’s leaving behind.

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Song of the Day #3,271: ‘Cowboy Casanova’ – Carrie Underwood

First things first… Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there, especially my own! Your randomly selected Song of the Day is a serenade by Carrie Underwood. Not bad.

Speaking of Underwood… American Idol is returning to TV less than a year after its cancellation by Fox. Today’s Random SOTD is a reminder that, unlike its cooler cousin The Voice, Idol has actually produced some stars over the course of its run. Continue reading

Song of the Day #745: ‘Undo It’ – Carrie Underwood

I’ve come to appreciate Carrie Underwood more and more over the past several months. Much of that has to do with my new affection for country music, although I still haven’t really warmed up to her songs.

Mostly I’m impressed with her personality and her vocal chops. She’s a fine performer who has risen from the ultimate amateur status to become true country music royalty. I’ve watched her take home awards by the armload, breaking records left and right, and always with the same sweet “all this for little old me?” attitude.

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