Song of the Day #2,730: ‘Blank Space’ – Ryan Adams

ryan_adams_1989Best Songs of 2015 – #12
‘Blank Space’ – Ryan Adams

When I reviewed Ryan Adams’ song-for-song recreation of Taylor Swift’s smash hit 1989, I predicted that ‘Blank Space’ would end up on my best-of song list two years in a row by two different artists. Good call.

Adams turns the track into a gentle, breathy ballad, sad where Swift’s (also excellent) version is slightly taunting.

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Song of the Day #2,377: ‘Blank Space’ – Taylor Swift


Best Songs of 2014 – #5
‘Blank Space’ – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dominated the music scene last year with her first foray into pure pop, 1989. The album was the year’s top seller (even edging out the Frozen soundtrack in a photo finish) and showed up high on just about every critic’s list.

It’s tempting to call 1989 Swift’s most superficial record, but I think it’s generally as deep and satisfying as her previous work. It’s not the dessert, it’s the whole meal.

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