Song of the Day #4,316: ‘Better Things (Live)’ – Fountains of Wayne

Of all the recent deaths of musical artists, through coronavirus or otherwise, the one that hit me hardest was the loss of Adam Schlesinger. The former Fountains of Wayne bassist/songwriter died at just 52 years old due to complications from COVID-19.

I’ve been a big Fountains of Wayne fan since I first heard their album Utopia Parkway back in 1999. 2003’s Welcome Interstate Managers is one of the best pop albums ever recorded. Schlesinger, along with co-writer/lead singer Chris Collingwood, crafted note-perfect, clever, alternately funny and poignant tunes about everyday life. If you aren’t familiar with FOW, now’s a perfect time to get started.

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Song of the Day #3,499: ‘Tilted’ – Christine and the Queens

[Guest blogger Madison continues her look at the best use of music in 2017 television shows]

By now you may be noticing that each of the scenes I am featuring have female characters at the helm. This was an unintentional coincidence, but I think it speaks to how many female voices are being showcased on TV right now. It also makes sense that I have been most drawn to shows which make it a point to feature women in a powerful and nuanced light, because I’m a complete narcissist.

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