Song of the Day #4,597: ‘Angel From Montgomery’ – Bonnie Raitt

Both Amy and Dana included Bonnie Raitt’s recording of the John Prine classic ‘Angel From Montgomery’ on their list of favorite songs. This is a stone-cold classic, no doubt.

This track appeared on Raitt’s 1974 album Streetlights, her fourth release. She was pressured by her label to work with an established producer who could give her work more of a mainstream pop sheen, as opposed to the raw blues sound of her first few albums. She agreed, but wasn’t happy about it, and the album was a critical and commercial failure.

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Song of the Day #4,317: ‘Angel from Montgomery’ – John Prine

I’m not at all familiar with John Prine’s music, but when he died earlier this month after contracting coronavirus, I knew full well that the world had lost a legend.

I knew in large part because some of my favorite artists (Miranda Lambert, Lucinda Williams, Jason Isbell and Brandi Carlile) posted heartfelt tributes to the man that made it clear he was not just an immense talent but something akin to a family member.

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