Song of the Day #5,322: ‘Poison Arrow’ – ABC

‘Poison Arrow’ is the second track, and second single, from New Wave English band ABC’s debut album, 1982’s The Lexicon of Love. The song was a top ten hit in the UK and reached #25 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the U.S.

The third single, title track ‘The Look of Love,’ fared even better reaching #4 in the UK and #18 in the U.S. ABC went on to decent success worldwide through the 80s and into the early 90s before going on hiatus. The band reformed in 1998 with lead singer Martin Fry as the sole official member, recording and performing with a touring band.

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Song of the Day #2,582: ‘The Look of Love (Pt. 1)’ – ABC

abc_lexicon_of_loveABC isn’t one of the better-known New Wave bands (at least not to me) but they are one of the most critically-acclaimed. Their 1982 debut album, The Lexicon of Love, received heaps of praise and a spot on many publications’ year-end lists.

‘The Look of Love’ was the album’s biggest hit, reaching the top five in the U.K. and the top 20 in the U.S. Though I’m hard-pressed to name any songs by ABC, this one sounds instantly familiar. And wonderful.

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Song of the Day #338: ‘ABC’ – The Jackson 5

michaelWhile the news of Michael Jackson’s death was certainly surprising, it didn’t have a very strong emotional impact on me. That’s not to diminish his contribution to both music and pop culture (or his equally significant bridging of the racial divide in both). On the contrary, I hold his talent in the highest regard and my childhood is wrapped up in memories of ‘Thriller,’ ‘Beat It’ and ‘Billy Jean.’

I even saw him in concert on the Victory tour in 1984, sitting in the nosebleed seats at the Orange Bowl, my view obstructed by a metal pole. I don’t remember the show but I remember the experience.

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