Song of the Day #3,002: ‘Cry’ – Carly Rae Jepsen

carly_rae_jepsen_side_bCarly Rae Jepsen went from a likely one-hit wonder (for 2012’s ‘Call Me Maybe’) to one of the most critically-acclaimed pop singer-songwriters working today.

Unfortunately, major sales didn’t follow, but I get the feeling Jepsen would rather be respected than rich. Still, I’m convinced that if Taylor Swift had released Jepsen’s 2015 album E*MO*TION instead of her own 1989, it would have been an even bigger smash.

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Song of the Day #3,001: ‘American Girl (Live)’ – Tom Petty

pettyYesterday I posted my 3,000th Song of the Day. At least I think I did.

Awhile ago I was browsing earlier posts on the blog and I happened upon a series of entries in the early 2,000’s that overlapped. Specifically, ten numbers — 2,117 through 2,126 — were used back to back. I have two 2,117s, two 2,118s and so on.

That means my 3,000th blog post was really my 3,011th. At least that’s what it means if I found the only such mistake in my 8 years of blogging.

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Song of the Day #3,000: ‘I Kissed a Girl’ – Katy Perry

katy_perry_kissed_girlTo acknowledge my 3,000th Song of the Day, I’m featuring the song that was at #1 on the Billboard charts back when I started the Song of the Day series on July 25, 2008.

Yes, Katy Perry had just released her breakthrough single eight years ago when I first posted a Smiths song called ‘I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish’ and wondered if I could keep it up for a week.

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Song of the Day #2,998: ‘They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo)’ – Sting

nothing_like_the_sunIf a prosecutor had to try Sting for pretentiousness, Exhibit A would of course be his lute album.

But Exhibit B may well be ‘They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo),’ from the 1987 album …Nothing Like the Sun. Start with the fact that the album on which it appears is named for a Shakespeare sonnet, then cite its length (seven minutes, 10 seconds), mention that it contains the phrase “Hey Mr. Pinochet” and finally point to the spoken-word interlude. The Spanish-language spoken-word interlude.

The defense would shrug, rest her case and try to make an early movie.

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Song of the Day #2,997: ‘Christmas Must Be Something More’ – Taylor Swift

taylor_swift_christmas_moreToday’s Random iTunes Selection is the most disturbing song ever recorded by Taylor Swift.

One of two original tracks on her 2007 holiday release Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, ‘Christmas Must Be Something More’ sounds just like a dozen Swiftian pop songs, but its message boils down to a ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ bumper sticker.

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Song of the Day #2,996: ‘Freedun’ – M.I.A.

miaRapper M.I.A. is the hottest 41-year-old London-born Sri Lankan political activist to spend time on the US Homeland Security Risk List while recording a critically-acclaimed and commercially successful album. At least the hottest one I’m aware of.

Word is her latest album, AIM, is more upbeat and personal than her usual politically-charged fare. ‘Freedun,’ featuring Zayn Malik, seems to back that up.

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