Song of the Day #3,541: ‘Fifteen’ – Taylor Swift

As with Big Star’s ‘Thirteen,’ I knew exactly which song I’d feature for today’s number before I even started looking. Taylor Swift’s ‘Fifteen’ is lovely and iconic and certainly the best song ever written with this title.

Swift is also in contention for slot #22 with, you guessed it, ’22,’ but I have decided to go with only one song per artist, so somebody else will get the nod in a week.

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Song of the Day #3,540: ’14’ – Paula Cole

Paula Cole… now there’s a blast from the past. The singer-songwriter made a big splash in the late 90s with top ten hit ‘Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?‘ and the even better ‘I Don’t Want to Wait.’ Her sophomore album Fire, on which those songs appeared, went double platinum.

Cole was nominated for seven Grammys that year and won Best New Artist. She was never seen again.

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Song of the Day #3,539: ‘Thirteen’ – Elliott Smith

As soon as I decided to blog about ’31 Numbered Songs’ I knew #13 would be Big Star’s ‘Thirteen.’ It’s one of my favorite songs, named after a number or not. The only problem is I’ve already featured it.

But that problem turned into a blessing when I discovered this cover version by Elliott Smith. Who better to capture the melancholy ache of this adolescent anthem?

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Song of the Day #3,538: ‘Twelve’ – Ivy Falls

Ivy Falls is a Belgian band fronted by singer Fien Deman. Most of the information I can find about Deman and the band is in Dutch, but the official website says that Ivy Falls is “her first solo project, after giving people chills with the orchestral pop of I will, I swear and collaborating with Illuminine and Satin Jackets.”

Ivy Falls is more popular than the last few acts I’ve featured. The video for ‘Twelve’ clocks in with more than 5,000 views.

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Song of the Day #3,536: ’10’ – Elouiz

Elouiz is a Swedish singer whose website and Instagram profile both go to broken pages, despite being linked from her recently-updated Facebook page. It really shouldn’t be that hard for an aspiring musical artist to maintain a robust web presence. Even if you can’t afford to pay somebody, just dedicate an hour or two of your own time and you’re in business.

’10’ is a song about finding hope amid despair. Its video depicts a young woman (portrayed by Elouiz, I presume) contemplating suicide but ultimately choosing life. The “you” referenced throughout could be a romantic partner, a friend or family member, or even god.

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Song of the Day #3,535: ‘9’ – Jus D

Jus D is another obscure artist with almost no web presence. I have nearly twice as many Twitter followers as this guy, and I tweet maybe once a month.

Interesting sound, though. A blend of hip-hop, island beats and house music, ‘9’ has a laid-back vibe I really enjoy. I like to think that my meager little blog is giving some exposure to these artists they might not have otherwise found.

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