Song of the Day #5,210: ‘I’ve Been Waitin’ On You’ – Al Green

Al Green’s 2003 album I Can’t Stop has shown up on Random Weekends twice before, both times in 2015. And both times, I used the space to comment that this isn’t an album I’ve ever actively listened to, but rather one I consider nice background music. I must have really meant it.

That seems like a rather lazy approach. Surely there is something interesting to say about this album.

For starters, this was Green’s first album of entirely secular music since 1978’s Truth n’ Time. After that, Green focused on becoming a minister and released more than a dozen albums of gospel and other religious music.

I Can’t Stop was well-received by critics and sold better than anything he’d released since the mid-70s. He followed it up with two more albums that performed even better, then stopped recording altogether, 29 albums and 41 years after he got his start.

Oh baby

What’s taking you so long?
I’ve been waiting on the phone
Oh, you haven’t been home
Where have you gone?

What do you know
And where do you go
Oh, I love you so
I’ve been waitin’ on you

Oh baby, let me hear

I got over you
You weren’t real anyway
Oh, why did you say
I love you so

Before I learned my A B C
These things are true to me
Whole world to see
I’ve been waitin’ on you, hey

Oh, baby, where did you go
I love you so, hey
Oh baby, thought you’d never go
I love you so
Where have you gone?

Where did you go?
Been calling out your name
Always the same
But I have enough to blame

Died over you
You wasn’t real, no way
What did you say?
I’ve been waitin’ on you

Hey, baby, oh

Baby, where did you go, I love you so
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)
Got over you, oh no, it’s true, oh yeah
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)

(I’ve been waitin’ on you)
Love you, baby, yeah
I’m gonna wait on
Waiting by the telephone
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)

Why you ain’t at home?
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)

Waitin’, waitin’, waitin’, waitin’
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)
Hey, I’ve been waitin’
(I’ve been waitin’ on you)
Waitin’ on, waitin’ on, waitin’

One thought on “Song of the Day #5,210: ‘I’ve Been Waitin’ On You’ – Al Green

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    On one of those 2015 posts, I asked when will you be inviting us over for a dinner party with Al Green playing in the background. While that hasn’t happened yet (Green in the background, not the dinner), I might just have to play Al Green today when you are here today having lunch.😉

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