Song of the Day #5,051: ‘Sour Times’ – Portishead

1994 was a big year for well-received debut albums. At least a half dozen of the albums I’ve already featured from that year have been debuts, and a handful of other first efforts just missed the cut.

English electronic band Portishead have released only three albums during their on-again, off-again career, and 1994’s Dummy — their triple-platinum first effort — is the standout.

One of the pioneers of the British trip-hop movement, Portishead delivers a hypnotic mix of low-fi beats and sultry vocals. This album is definitely a vibe.

While Dummy left most critics ecstatic, legendary writer Robert Christgau dismissed it as “Sade for androids.” While he meant that as a criticism, I receive it as praise, as the cool jazz/electronic blend is exactly what makes this album a fun listen.

I did lose interest about halfway through Dummy. Everything is in the same tempo, and it’s hard to distinguish many of the songs from each other through one listen. But the highlights, like today’s SOTD (a minor hit), have a Bond-theme elegance I dig.

[Verse 1]
To pretend no one can find
The fallacies of morning rose
Forbidden fruit, hidden eyes
Courtesies that I despise in me
Take a ride, take a shot now

‘Cause nobody loves me, it’s true
Not like you do

[Verse 2]
Covered by the blind belief
That fantasies of sinful screens
Bear the facts, assume the dye
End the vows, no need to lie, enjoy
Take a ride, take a shot now

‘Cause nobody loves me, it’s true
Not like you do

[Verse 3]
Who am I, what and why?
‘Cause all I have left
Is my memories of yesterday
Oh, these sour times

‘Cause nobody loves me, it’s true
Not like you do

[Verse 4]
After time, the bitter taste
Of innocence, descent, or race
Scattered seeds, buried lives
Mysteries of our disguise revolve
Circumstance will decide

‘Cause nobody loves me, it’s true
Not like you
Nobody loves me, it’s true
Not like you do

One thought on “Song of the Day #5,051: ‘Sour Times’ – Portishead

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I think Sade for anyone is still a good thing. I like the vibe as well.

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