Song of the Day #3,950: ‘I Took a Long Hard Look’ – Belle and Sebastian

Here’s a track from The Third Eye Center, a collection of previously unreleased tracks Belle and Sebastian put out in 2013.

This is a mostly forgettable collection. There’s a reason these songs weren’t put on official album released in the first place. But it’s worth a listen for completists.

Today’s song is sung by occasional songwriter and vocalist Stevie Jackson, who presumably penned the tune as well. I’ll let him describe what it’s about.

I really like that one. The main theme of it is about growing up and trying to create your own magic as opposed to basking in the glow of magic that’s come before. I’m thinking of this in the context of a kid who used to read a lot about musicians and watch documentaries on bands realizing that he should be living his own life and not reading about other peoples’— “I took a long hard look at the heroes of my youth/And the antics of the page they’re on can no longer sustain me.” It’s quite direct, and it’s a personal take about growing up and taking responsibility for creating things.

I took a long hard look
At the heroes of my youth
And their antics on the page there on
Can no longer sustain me
Ever since I was a boy
They brought me joy
But the shackles of the way I was
Can no longer contain me

It was exciting
And enlightening
Reverberating through my dreams
Goodbye to reality
And set a course for wayward schemes

Now I can sing
I can feel
I don’t know what is real
I was travelling through the past for years
Tell me what’s my destination
Now the past is gone
I don’t even have a song
We’ve not sung before
To a closing door
Tell me what’s my situation?

I saw the film
I lived the book
I got the haircut
That’s all it took
But now I know it’s going to take
A little more now I’m awake

I took a long hard look
Now I’m waiting for the phone to ring
I glance at the inbox
Is there any tantalising mail there in
There was lust in my restless heart
But now I know what true love means
Goodbye to reality
And set sail for dreams

One thought on “Song of the Day #3,950: ‘I Took a Long Hard Look’ – Belle and Sebastian

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Pleasant enough song.

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