Song of the Day #3,540: ’14’ – Paula Cole

Paula Cole… now there’s a blast from the past. The singer-songwriter made a big splash in the late 90s with top ten hit ‘Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?‘ and the even better ‘I Don’t Want to Wait.’ Her sophomore album Fire, on which those songs appeared, went double platinum.

Cole was nominated for seven Grammys that year and won Best New Artist. She was never seen again.

Well, that’s a slight exaggeration. She released six more albums after Fire, including an album of covers titled Ballads just last year. She has a lovely voice and knows her way around standards and pop songs alike.

Cole’s contribution to the ’31 Numbered Songs’ series, ’14,’ was the first single from her 2007 album Courage. It’s quite nice.

Your eyes, they conjure up those cliffs of Moher
Far away I’m not listening anymore
Dreaming of life on another shore
Not here, not now with me the bore

So I stopped talking and fade to bleak
Feeling insignificant after feeling weak
Even though it’s not who I know myself to be
The queen, the confidence doesn’t speak

But I was 14 with my passion and 15 with my best
16 with my ego and zero with the rest, oh yeah
My heart is a POW tangled in my chest
I don’t know how to communicate in a cardiac arrest

Your eyes, they drown me in your sadness
Your words, they bring hurricanes
I’m braving Shakespearian tempest
The mighty tiger doesn’t blink


I think you were the one
Silent suffering inside
The one got away
I was too dangerous to hide


So I stopped talking, baby
Cause you always want me to shut up
Take this ever stage me
While I become you trusted silent prop
So take good care
This mighty woman’s ready to explode
Fire here on the surface of my volcano

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,540: ’14’ – Paula Cole

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    Play the best new artist of the year can really be a career killer! Paula Cole won over Puff Daddy, Hanson and your beloved Fiona Apple! Here’s an interesting article summarizing the curse of the award that references Cole.

  2. Peg says:

    Like this song and her voice. Interesting article on the best new artists not going anywhere

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