Song of the Day #3,319: ‘Big John Shaft’ – Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian’s 2002 album Storytelling is the soundtrack to the Todd Solondz film of the same name. However, the relationship between the band and Solondz was so poor that only about five minutes of their music made it into the film’s final cut.

As a musical release, this is by far the band’s weakest effort. It contains only two or three actual songs interspersed with brief instrumentals and snippets of dialogue. I believe it was released mostly as a contractual obligation, as this was Belle & Sebastian’s final album on the Jeepster label.

Those two songs, at least, are awfully good. They could have easily fit onto a future release had the band opted to shelve this project.

The Random iTunes Fairy was kind enough to serve up one of them today — album closer ‘Big John Shaft.’

I’ll make another movie
The same one as the year before
Take a tired idea
Put it in the hands of Hollywood
I need to talk to someone
I’ve been living someone else’s life
I don’t get no mail at my house anymore
My manager’s my bride

I’m sitting on a jet plane
I’ll see my baby soon enough
I won’t take her to the movie
I’m worried that the lines become all blurred
I couldn’t help but feeling something
When the boss told us to act that way
I’m ashamed of my profession
I would do the same again

I’ll make another movie
Same one as the year before
I’m looking for a story
Something ludicrous to come up from the street
I won’t play another heavyweight
I won’t play another Big John Shaft
Put me in a frock and leave me recite
Maybe my career will die

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,319: ‘Big John Shaft’ – Belle & Sebastian

  1. Dana says:

    Never heard of the movie or Todd Solondz or Jeepster. Then again, but for you, I never would have heard of Belle & Sebastien. Seems like some awfully overinflated egos to not get along given their collective lack of popularity.

  2. Clay says:

    Why should you have to be popular to not get along?

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