Song of the Day #5,035: ‘Storytelling’ – Belle and Sebastian

It’s a rare Random Weekend twofer, with Belle and Sebastian making an encore appearance.

The selections line up chronologically as well. Yesterday’s song came from a 2001 single, while today’s SOTD appears on the band’s next project, the soundtrack to the 2002 Todd Solondz film Storytelling.

The band and director didn’t work well together, and only six minutes of their music wound up in the finished film.

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Song of the Day #3,319: ‘Big John Shaft’ – Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian’s 2002 album Storytelling is the soundtrack to the Todd Solondz film of the same name. However, the relationship between the band and Solondz was so poor that only about five minutes of their music made it into the film’s final cut.

As a musical release, this is by far the band’s weakest effort. It contains only two or three actual songs interspersed with brief instrumentals and snippets of dialogue. I believe it was released mostly as a contractual obligation, as this was Belle & Sebastian’s final album on the Jeepster label. Continue reading