Song of the Day #3,227: ‘Money’ – Pink Floyd vs. Vampire Weekend

Our next Montauk Madness matchup is a battle across the decades, pitting a 70s powerhouse against an innovative indie band from the past decade. I give you Pink Floyd vs. Vampire Weekend!

My high school self would have had no problem with this choice, as I pretty much lived and breathed Pink Floyd in those years (not to mention that Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig was in pre-K).

But as much as I still appreciate a good Pink Floyd tune now and then, both on its own merits and for the nostalgia factor, I’m more of a Vampire Weekend guy now.

The only complicating factor in this vote is that Vampire Weekend’s musical phenom Rostam Batmanglij has left the band (though on good terms and with the promise of future collaboration). So I’m not sure what to expect from them going forward. But that’s an issue for another day. For now, if I have my way, the hipsters advance.

[Verse 1: David Gilmour]
Money, get away
Get a good job with good pay and you’re okay
Money, it’s a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I’ll buy me a football team

[Verse 2: David Gilmour]
Money, get back
I’m all right Jack keep your hands off of my stack
Money, it’s a hit
Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit
I’m in the high-fidelity first class traveling set
And I think I need a Lear jet


[Verse 3: David Gilmour]
Money, it’s a crime
Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie
Money, so they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a rise
It’s no surprise that they’re giving none away
Away away away
Away away away

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #3,227: ‘Money’ – Pink Floyd vs. Vampire Weekend

  1. Amy says:

    I was thankfully out of the house during those years. ;). Vampire Weekend all the way!

  2. Dana says:

    I’m going hipster on this as well, though I too have nostalgia for Pink Floyd.

  3. The Cool Guy (Daniel) says:

    I suppose in the same way that Pink Floyd permeated your teen years so has Vampire Weeknd done mine. Though I too am very concern with Rostam’s departure and what that will mean in terms of instrumentation on the next record I feel Ezra Koenig’s lyrics and general style of music is good enough to stand on its own. Vampire Weekend wins this one.

  4. Peg says:

    I remember those years of Pink Floyd fondly I think; anyway they have my vote

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