Song of the Day #2,630: ‘Wish Fulfillment’ – Sonic Youth

sonic_youth_dirtyThis trip back to 1992 has resulted in the same experience on repeat — encountering an album by a band I know very well by name but not at all by sound.

Sonic Youth and Thurston Moore sound as familiar to me as The Lemonheads and Evan Dando, but again I can’t name a single song. I know that Moore sang backup on R.E.M.’s Monster, an acknowledgement of his band’s influence on the Athens alt-rockers.

I believe I know many of these early alternative bands precisely because of their influence on R.E.M. Berry, Buck, Mills and Stipe are very forthcoming about their music fandom, and I’m sure I’ve read about these bands in their interviews.

Based on today’s sample alone, Sonic Youth might be a little too hard-edged for my taste.

I see your wishes on the wall, and that’s all right with me
I see you run to make a call, hoping that there’s someone free
Your life and my life they don’t touch at all, and that’s no way to be
We’ve never seemed so far

What’s real? What is true?
I ain’t turning my back on you
Where’re you going? Where’ve you been?
Making wishes, watching dreams
It might be simple, it might be true, i might be overwhelmed by you
You might be empty, the way your eyes just look right through
It’s such a mess now anyway, wish fulfillment every day
I don’t believe you, now i can’t hear a word you say

I see you shaking in the light, reading the headline news
The others they’re not quite so bright, we want them to choose you
I could almost see your face tonight, singing simple rhythm’n’blues
You’ll always be a star

Shake it baby! Come on scream!
Just see your face in a magazine
Don’t doubt it! Leaves chris sore!
I can’t stand it anymore
It’s my favorite shot of you, you look so pretty your eyes were true
I’m still on your side, in spite of everything you do

We’re only blood on blood on life, you paint me pictures every night
Come wish beside me, don’t you know you know what’s right

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,630: ‘Wish Fulfillment’ – Sonic Youth

  1. Dana says:

    Too hard edged for me as well. REM lost me when it’s sound moved in this type of hard edged direction.

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