Song of the Day #2,506: ‘Nasty Freestyle’ – T-Wayne

t-wayne_nasty_freestyleIn the seventh spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 this week is Maroon 5 with ‘Sugar,’ the throwback pop song that’s as ubiquitous as the band’s last few hits. At this point, Maroon 5 is one of the most successful acts of the modern era. Not sure anybody would have predicted that in the lean years following their first album.

Coming in at #8 is a song by T-Wayne called ‘Nasty Freestyle.’ I’m almost afraid to listen to this one. But hey, let’s give it a shot.

Um, yeah. OK.

This is fine for what it is, a random string of thoughts rapped lazily over an uninspired beat. But how on earth did it wind up on the top ten?

Is this all it takes to have a rap hit these days? That’s an insult to the true hip-hop artists.

Yah, say Roro, you know what it is, right?
Who Is Rickey Wayne?: The Mixtape
Ya feel me? Yah, ahem

First, let me hop out the motherfuckin’ Porsche
I don’t want her if that ass don’t sit like a horse
I be ballin’ on these niggas, got me feelin’ like sports
Dash got so much wood I could build me a fort
Ain’t too many things I ain’t done yet
I’m the king of this shit, crown by the toilet
I’m just barely gettin’ started, you already upset
Got a tiger as a pet, I just took him to the vet
Homie, I be makin’ hits, I’m the rap Derek Jeter
Let your bitch ride on me like she was on the feeder
If the pussy ain’t good then I probably won’t feed her
Lil homie, you can keep her cause I really don’t need her
I ain’t worried ’bout features, homeboy, you’s a peon
Toilet seat ass nigga, man, I swear you gettin’ peed on
Man, my jewelry so cold, I walk around with the heat on
My alarm clock set, just in case they wanna sleep on, ya dig?
I’m a full-time player, hoppin’ out in alligator
Sippin’ lean and Now and Later, homie, I’ll annihilate ya
If you think you wanna battle, you gon’ have to pay some paper
I just hit her and I quit her, I would never ever date her
It’s a shame how I’m barely gettin’ love in the city
Travel to another town, you can bet they fuckin’ with me
I be killin’ this shit, pray to God they forgive me
They said, “when you blow up, don’t forget me”, man
I been on fire ever since they made the lighter
My boys will pull up on ya, homie, I ain’t talkin’ diapers
Walk into your function, on point, I’m like a sniper
My girl bad like Dej Loaf so don’t try her
Flexin’ all you want but homeboy, you ain’t ready
Ten times sharper than Michael Myers’ machete
Been about the money, I ain’t worried ’bout the fame
‘Bout to have everybody sayin’, “Who Is Rickey Wayne?”
That me…

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,506: ‘Nasty Freestyle’ – T-Wayne

  1. Dana says:

    This is crap.

  2. Amy says:

    What… is… this? I am officially old.

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