Song of the Day #2,154: ‘I Hear Them All’ – Old Crow Medicine Show

old_crow_medicine_showOnce in awhile I come across a song in my iTunes library the origins of which are complete mystery.

Such is the case with today’s Random Weekend selection, ‘I Hear Them All’ by Old Crow Medicine Show.

When I first heard the track, I figured it must have come from a soundtrack — perhaps the Coen Brothers’ O Brother Where Art Thou? or Inside Llewyn Davis. But no… the associated album is the band’s own. And even weirder, this is the only song from that album I own.

My best guess is that this must have been a free iTunes download from the days when the service would offer up a song each day (do they still do that?).

However I came to own ‘I Hear Them All,’ I’m glad I do. It’s a catchy little folk tune with compelling lyrics. Makes me want to know more about Old Crow Medicine Show.

I hear the crying of the hungry
In the deserts where they’re wandering
Hear them crying out for Heaven’s own
Benevolence upon them
Hear destructive power prevailing
I hear fools falsely hailing
To the crooked wits of tyrants when they call

I hear them all (3 times)

I hear the sounds of tearing pages
And the roar of burning paper
All the crimes in acquisition
Turn to air and ash and vapor
And the rattle of the shackle
Far beyond emancipators
And the loneliest who gather in their stalls

I hear them all (3 times)

So, while you sit and whistle Dixie
With your money and your power
I can hear the flowers a-growing
In the rubble of the towers
I hear leaders quit their lyin’
I hear babies quit their cryin’
I hear soldiers quit their dyin’, one and all

I hear them all (3 times)

I hear the tender words from Zion
I hear Noah’s waterfall
Hear the gentle lamb of Judah
Sleeping at the feet of Buddha
And the prophets from Elijah
To the old Paiute Wovoka
Take their places at the table when they’re called

I hear them all (9 times)

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,154: ‘I Hear Them All’ – Old Crow Medicine Show

  1. Dana says:

    I like their sound. I’m glad the iTunes fairy served this one up.

    I’m not sure if iTunes directly gives away free songs, but they do through Starbucks. On my Starbucks app, I usually get a free song to download about once a week.

  2. Amy says:

    This group’s name sounds very familiar to me, so I, too, think it must be associated with a film or tv show. With a bit of research (you’ve got to love Google), I discovered that they were featured in Transameric, which I didn’t see, so… no help there. Maybe it was just a performance on The Cobert Show. However I “know” them (or have sort of heard of them), I agree that this song is a winner.

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