Song of the Day #2,129: ‘Angel Eyes (Live)’ – Frank Sinatra

sinatraAnother honorable mention for my list of favorite songs is ‘Angel Eyes,’ the second track on Frank Sinatra’s classic downer of an album, Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely.

Given my penchant for the melancholy, it’s no surprise that this is my favorite Frank Sinatra album (or that my second favorite is the break-up concept record Watertown, which I dissected song-by-song a couple of years ago).

Nobody cries in his whiskey as beautifully as Frank Sinatra.

The studio version of ‘Angel Eyes,’ orchestrated by Nelson Riddle, is a flat-out masterpiece (and my Song of the Day #824). But this live version is impressive as well — Sinatra in the round, gently scolding the crowd before launching into his dramatic performance.

Hey drink up all you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The laugh and the drinks on me

Try to think that love’s not around
Still it’s uncomfortably near
My poor old heart ain’t gaining any ground
Because my angel eyes ain’t here

Angel eyes, that old devil sent
They glow unbearably bright
Need I say that my love’s misspent
Misspent with angel eyes tonight

So drink up all of you people
Order anything you see
And have fun you happy people
The drink and the laughs on me

Pardon me but I got to run
The fact’s uncommonly clear
I got to find who’s now the number one
And why my angel eyes ain’t here

Excuse me while I disappear

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,129: ‘Angel Eyes (Live)’ – Frank Sinatra

  1. Dana says:

    Now that’s a cool performance. Love when he says “chick split” and lights up a cigarette while singing. And what a great venue to see Sinatra!

  2. Amy says:

    Getting to see Frank Sinatra perform is something I will never forget. What a gift that was. This is a gorgeous song – and performance, and I agree that nobody does a song like this as well as Sinatra. Still, I also love his “Fly Me to the Moon,” “Come Fly with Me,” and other such upbeat songs. Can’t really go wrong with any sort of Sinatra, though can you?

  3. pegclifton says:

    I’m so sorry I’m so late to this song of the day! I, too, love his melancholy songs and will always remember the live performances we were able to see. Thanks for putting this on your list šŸ™‚

  4. pegclifton says:

    Also, as Doug always says you can understand every word he sings, the subtitles aren’t necessary, but I’m not complaining. Love love love the man and his music šŸ™‚

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