Song of the Day #2,038: ‘Know’ – Nick Drake

pink_moon_nick_drakeLyrically, this might be the shortest song I’ve ever featured on the blog. Just four lines, no more than five words in each.

And yet I uncovered a wealth of conversation about the meaning of those four lines.

The most compelling analysis I read was that this is a song about God, told in a call-and-response style with God speaking the second and fourth lines.

God is absent and uncaring in the face of Man’s devotion. Reminds me of Randy Newman’s ‘God’s Song (That’s Why I Love Mankind).’

Another reading is similar but puts the second and fourth lines in the mouth of another person — the subject of the first person’s unrequited love.

Or could all four lines be delivered by the same person, perhaps saying he doesn’t care about some transgression or fault of the person to whom he’s singing?

Know that I love you
Know I don’t care
Know that I see you
Know I’m not there

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,038: ‘Know’ – Nick Drake

  1. Dana says:

    I favor the interpretation that this is a person having a “conversation”with God in his mind. Because, however, there is no God (or at least no God who answers or necessarily “cares” or is “there” for him or anyone), the “response” is also coming from the singer’s own voice.

  2. pegclifton says:

    I feel the second interpretation makes the most sense to me, interesting thoughts though.

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