Song of the Day #1,834: ‘Summer Pop Medley’ – Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

tsui_schneider_summerToday’s medley of hits from the summer of 2012 is yet another showcase of the ample talents of both Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui. But I won’t dwell on its merits (enjoy those for yourself) — instead I’ll discuss the clip that runs after its over.

As on most of his videos, Schneider ends this clip with a quick request that viewers like, subscribe and all that good stuff. But this time he and Sam have an announcement as well.

It seems the two of them had been working on original material, and an album was due out within months. The album did in fact come out this past May and is available on iTunes.

And this is where our story takes a turn. As the cast of Glee learned in their second season, the ability to perform excellent covers and mashups doesn’t necessarily translate to original material. Based on a cursory listen to the song samples of Tsui’s debut album, he’s a much better singer than writer.

So what does that mean for a couple of guys as talented as these two? I suppose Tsui could team up with songwriters the way most pop stars do and aim for stardom as a vocalist. And Schneider? I think he has a future in directing music videos, commercials and maybe features some day if he plays his cards right.

But really, these guys seem to be born for YouTube. I don’t know if there’s enough money in it (through ads for Coke and Sprint) to make a living that way, but it appears to be their ideal medium.

You don’t pop in a CD or DVD to experience these guys, you click the play button in between checking emails. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way. Breaking Bad is the best TV show ever, but it wouldn’t work as well in IMAX. Some art is meant for a screen of a certain size.

One thought on “Song of the Day #1,834: ‘Summer Pop Medley’ – Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

  1. Dana says:

    Cool mash up, though it goes on a bit too long.

    Really a shame the album of original material didn’t do well as I invested $10,000.00 on Kickstarter.😄

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