Song of the Day #1,831: ‘Somewhere Only We Go’ – Max Schneider & Elizabeth Gillies

somewhere_only_we_goI originally thought today’s video was directed by Kurt Schneider, but apparently it features him only as a musician. That actually makes sense, because it’s not as visually interesting (in terms of camerawork) as most of his clips.

Continuing his trend of working with the hot girls of Victorious, Schneider teams up with Elizabeth Gillies in this clip. One can only hope that Ariana Grande is next. The male vocals are once again handled by Max Schneider, whom my wife tells me starred in a Disney homage to Cinderalla alongside Keke Palmer.

Somebody my age should not be able to comprehend anything I just wrote in the previous two paragraphs, but that’s what having kids does to you.


3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,831: ‘Somewhere Only We Go’ – Max Schneider & Elizabeth Gillies

  1. Dana says:

    You are too funny with your knowledge of the “hot girls” from your kids’ shows!

    Nice cover of this Keane song.

  2. Andrea Katz says:

    Wonderful! Have you guys seen this “All American Boy” music video by this gorgeous, gay country singer? Highly enjoyable and so ground-breaking…

  3. Amy says:

    Nice. I like her voice, but her delivery is a bit pretentious. Still, a lovely cover. Andrea, I have seen the video you mention. I like it.

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