Song of the Day #1,456: ‘Reckoner’ – Radiohead

I could see loving or hating this song. In fact, I could see loving this song and hating this song depending on when you were hearing it.

It certainly has a vibe — a vibe that might make it more effective if paired with visuals. In a very dramatic and disturbing movie scene, for example.

Or if you’re 16, misunderstood, angry at life — I could see playing this through headphones while lying on the floor of your bedroom in the dark.

But in almost any other scenario… kind of annoying.

Is it silly that sometimes I envy the 16 year old lying on the floor in the dark wearing headphones?

Can’t take it with you
Disavow the pleasure

You were not to blame for
Bittersweet distractors
Dare not speak his name
Did I cater to all you
All your needs?

Because we separate
It ripples our reflections
Because we separate
It ripples our reflections

Take it with you

Did I cater to all you
All your needs?

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day #1,456: ‘Reckoner’ – Radiohead

  1. Dana says:

    I was wholly prepared to rip into this song as I generally disdain Raiohead, and yet I found it to be strangely compelling. It definitely sets a certain mood and I can see it being used in a movie. Maybe I, like you, also have some longing to be that 16 year old boy wearing headphones.:)

    Meanwhile, what the hell is this song about?

  2. Amy says:

    First, yes, you are both very silly to envy a 16 year old boy wearing headphones. Second, your description alone has me hesitant to even play this thing…. but here goes…. the opening isn’t nearly as dreadful as I anticipated. Musically, it is not as annoying as I imagined it would be, but lyrically… pretentious, cloying, and, yes, annoying. And I have no idea what it “means,” if, in fact, there is any meaning to be found here. I guess 16 year old boys in head phones don’t need their lyrics to make sense as they’re pounding their fists at the world.

    Thank goodness those boys grown into sophisticated, discerning men who do!!! 🙂

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