Song of the Day #799: ‘You Love the Thunder’ – Jackson Browne

Somewhere Dana is bursting with excitement as Jackson Browne finally finds a spot in the Song of the Day series. And before song number 800, no less!

I scanned my iTunes collection recently to see which big names had yet to be featured on the blog and was intrigued to find five who all fit a similar mold, demographically if not musically. This week I’ll highlight the music of five white guys in their 60s (actually, I believe one is in his mid-50s).

Apparently I’m musically biased against the segment of the population that runs just about everything else.

I start with Jackson Browne, an artist I should probably follow far more than I do. I own only two of his albums (Running on Empty and I’m Alive) but I love both of them and I know he’s put out a ton of beloved material that I’ve yet to hear.

He falls into that category of artists whose major work was in the past, so me “discovering” him now feels a bit like renting DVDs of movies I missed over the past ten years. I’m sure it would be rewarding, but there are so many new things to discover.

That said, I would like to spend some time catching up with Mr. Browne’s discography. But I’ll start with one of the songs I already know and love, ‘You Love the Thunder’ from Running on Empty.

When you look over your shoulder
And you see the light that you have left behind
When you think it over, do you ever wonder
What it is that holds your life so close to mine

You love the thunder and you love the rain
What you see revealed within the anger is worth the pain
And before the lightning fades and you surrender
You’ve got a second to look at the dark side of a man

You love the thunder, you love the rain
You know your hunger, oo, like you know your name
I know you wonder how you ever came
To be a woman in love with a man in search of the flame

Draw the shades and light the fire
For the night, it holds you and it calls your name
And just like your lover knows your desire
And the crazy longing that time will never tame

You love the thunder, oo, you love the rain
You know your hunger, oo, like you know your name
I got your number, if its still the same
And you can dream, but you can never go back the way you came

You love the thunder, oo, you love the rain
You know your hunger, oo, like you know your name
You love the thunder, oo, you love the rain
I got your number, oo love the rain

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #799: ‘You Love the Thunder’ – Jackson Browne

  1. Dana says:

    Gee, you hadn’t featured Browne before now? I really hadn’t noticed:)

    Good choice for SOTD, although my favorite from this album is “The Load Out.”

    I kinda see your point about trying to go back to fill in the gaps on an established artist like Browne, but didn’t you do just that with Dylan, Costello and Lucinda Williams amongst others? All of them are well into their octogenarian years but, from whatever entry point you started, you went back and devoured their discographies.

    Having said that, I don’t even own, and haven’t heard, all that Browne has done. I would, however, strongly recommend The Pretender, Lawyers in Love and Lives in the Balance. I believe Late for the Sky is also highly regarded.

    By the way, looking at Browne’s discography, I was surprised to see that he really has only put out 13 albums over nearly 40 years. That’s not really too daunting even if you were to try to digest his collection. Still, I think the 3 or 4 albums I mentioned would be welcome additions to your collection.

  2. Amy says:

    I always enjoy Jackson Browne when I hear him, but I rarely feel the need to seek out one of his albums. Maddie’s recent “discovery” of Matt Kearney is what put Browne back on our radar, as Dana feels the need to point out Kearney’s similarity to Browne every time he hears one of his songs. You can imagine how much Maddie loves that 😉

    I’m not sure this song demonstrates that similarity as well as others do, but it’s one of the singles off Kearney’s album, so here you go:

    As for the discovery vs. completing a discography discussion, I’m quite happy just knowing an album here and an album there. There’s just too much (old and new) out there to explore.

  3. Dana says:

    The song from Kearney that sounds the most like Browne to me is this one:

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