Song of the Day #4,364: ‘I’m Alive’ – Jackson Browne

I like doing the Decades series because it exposes me to new music I’ve missed over the years, but that’s just half the appeal. I’m equally happy to revisit albums I haven’t listened to in ages and remember how much I love them.

Jackson Browne’s I’m Alive has climbed up my 1993 list to #5, after starting toward the bottom half of the top ten when I first started planning these posts. All it took was for me to listen to the damn thing again.

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Song of the Day #4,159: ‘Shaky Town’ – Jackson Browne

When the Random iTunes Fairy first served up ‘Shaky Town,’ from Jackson Browne’s 1977 classic Running On Empty, I had no idea what it was. I figured it was a track on that album that I’d somehow always skipped, because the title seemed completely new to me.

Once the first verse started, though, I knew it very well. Guess I just never looked at the tracklist.

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Song of the Day #3,349: ‘Somebody’s Baby’ – Jackson Browne

Another week, another batch of smooth soft rock to soothe your weary soul. Yes, my yacht rock series continues.

Not every yacht rock song is by an artist entirely confined by the genre. While it’s hard to think of a Christopher Cross or Michael McDonald outside of this genre, others have spent some time in this world and lived to see another day.

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Song of the Day #3,124: ‘On the Day’ – Jackson Browne

lawyers_in_love_jackson_browneJackson Browne’s Lawyers in Love, released in 1983, was his seventh studio album and his fourth straight to reach the top ten.

I don’t know this album very well, though it produced four singles. The only Jackson Browne albums I do know well are Running On Empty and I’m Alive. But I really like his voice and his overall sound so I should probably give albums like this one a shot.

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Song of the Day #2,535: ‘Doctor My Eyes’ – Jackson Browne

jackson_browneJanuary of 1972 saw the release of Jackson Browne’s self-titled debut album.

The album’s cover depicts a canvas water bag decorated with Browne’s face and the words “saturate before using” across the top. Many fans, as well as DJs and the record label itself, mistakenly referred to ‘Saturate Before Using’ as the album’s title.

Browne had kicked around for 6 years as a songwriter and band member for others so he was pretty seasoned by the time he cut this debut, and critics praised its confidence and polish.

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