Song of the Day #712: ‘She Gets the Feeling’ – Jude

The musical landscape is littered with the bodies of artists who once kinda sorta almost broke through but wound up fading away into obscurity. Some of them probably even continue to make a living off of their music but that doesn’t keep them out of (to borrow a Spinal Tap reference) the “Where are they now?” file.

Michael Jude Christodal, who performs as Jude, is such an artist. His first studio album, 1998’s No One is Really Beautiful, is an excellent collection of smart, contemporary pop songs. Jude toured with Ben Folds Five to support the album (my wife and I saw one of those shows at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.) and his music was a good complement to that of the trio.

No One is Really Beautiful is brimming with great hooks, clever lyrics and Jude’s unique vocal delivery, which often slides into an almost alien falsetto. Listening to this album, I felt like I’d discovered the next big thing… or at least an artist I would be following for a long time.

But three years later came King of Yesterday, an album without a single memorable song. And three years after that came Sarah, which I don’t think I got through even once. His music just got boring, as if he had just that one special album in him.

I see that he’s since put out another studio album and a collection of rarities and outtakes, so I guess he’s selling enough records to continue his recording career. Good for him. But I bet even his current fans are still calling out for the No One is Really Beautiful songs.

Take a look around, baby
Tell me what you see
‘Cause what you see is what you found
What you found is what you need
Life is hard
There’s a feeling on the boulevard
Everybody’s got to play a final card a way to go
Do the deed throw the punches like Apollo Creed
‘Cause there’s a bunch of ways to make it bleed I know

Well, the words of the prophets are no longer written on the subway walls
One of them lost his hair
The other one publishes poetry here and there and that is all
But, the things you said to me I cannot forget although I try
To ignore the space beside me where we used to love and you would lie

She gets the feeling
She gets the feeling
Up through the ceiling is the only view
As I walking out the door she said see
You don’t want to go around the world with me

The San Francisco blues it was a piece of news to me
It was a little blue book and a night time nook of Zen philosophy late at night
A man desires a woman white or tan, but the fires are flamed by
names and traces of the places and the faces but it’s all the same in
the morning game when

Everyday I climb the mountain and
Everyday I drive a car
Every night I turn the lights off
It goes too far
Woh, woh, woh, woh…

She gets the feeling
She gets the feeling
Up through the ceiling is the only view
She says baby I just can’t believe
You don’t want to go around the world with me

She gets the feeling

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #712: ‘She Gets the Feeling’ – Jude

  1. Dana says:

    Following up on your comment from yesterday’s SOTD discussion, here is a perfect example of a “new” artist (at the time) who I thought was truly special and who I welcomed into my music collection with open arms. This is a great song from a great album. It’s a shame that, apparently, his records after this one have not been as good.

  2. Amy says:

    Well, I’m sort of falling in love with this song on first listen. As I went in search to discover whether Jude and Jude Cole were the same person (it seems they are not), today’s SOTD just got under my skin.

    This is the sort of song (or at least my reaction to it) that would make me go out and buy the album right away. If there are other songs on it that are like this, then one album would be just fine.

    Not to confuse medium, and not because the vibe of this song in any way reminds me of the example I’m about to offer, but I’ve been reading column after column about whether the novel To Kill a Mockingbird (which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year) is actually as great as critics and teachers and readers have always said it is (it is!) and why Harper Lee only had one such novel in her. Well, I say, whether it be an album, a film, or a book, one great piece of art should be enough.

    So thanks for weeding out the albums by Jude we don’t need to own and I’ll go see if this one is already in our collection (quite possible :)) or if I need to go shuffling through the “Where are they now?” bin to find it.

  3. Clay says:

    I believe it is indeed in your collection.

  4. Dana says:

    yes, it is!

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