Song of the Day #46: ‘Let’s Duet’ – Jenna Fischer and John C. Reilly

Today begins another theme week. Through this Friday, I will spotlight songs that feature duets. Only ground rule is that the performances have to be exceptions to the artists’ usual lineup. In other words, Indigo Girls don’t count because they are a duo by design. Same goes for Beatles songs where John Lennon and Paul McCartney trade verses.

To kick things off, I’ve chosen a funny song from the movie Walk Hard that parodies early Johnny Cash/June Carter duets and is awash in lewd double entendre (“In my dreams you’re blowing me… some kisses”).

I was thinking that there are some hilarious songs out there in parody movies like Walk Hard and This Is Spinal Tap (who can forget Spinal Tap’s memorable couplet “Big bottom, drive me out of my mind… how can I leave this… behind?”) but there aren’t a whole lot of funny songs by legitimate artists.

Weird Al Yankovic is the major exception. Most people think of him as a comedy act, but he does have some serious musical chops. The guy can write and perform everything from rap to polka, you have to give him credit. But again, he’s viewed more as a comedian than a musician.

Barenaked Ladies are one group that comes to mind who can pull off “serious” songwriting as well as tell a great joke in song. ‘If I Had $1,000,000’ is a great example that works equally well as comedy and a love song.

Surely I’m missing a bunch. Can you think of any musicians whose songs make you laugh?

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day #46: ‘Let’s Duet’ – Jenna Fischer and John C. Reilly

  1. Dana says:

    Well, Randy Newman is a great example of a serious musician with comedic songs. Lyle Lovette can do that as well.

    As for today’s pick, a great way to start out the duet week. We start with the sex kitten that is Jenna Fisher. Sure she may be the girl next door, but what a great pair of breasts on her, am I right, fellas? (Rim shot please!) But I digress… back to the song, we start out with the great oral sex entendres, not just once, but two times for double penetration of the comedic impact.. Then as the chorus begins, you see a bit of the s & m and bondage come out of little Jenna, followed by tongue in cheek references to masturbation, with Jenna’s sensual cutting and Dewey’s penis stroking gestures on the hard wood stick. All of this will later build into the explosive sex scene with Jenna and Dewy exploring the kinky world of foot fetishes.

    Certainly, the music here takes us back to a more innocient age….an age of barely legal girls discovering their sexuality. This is not the harder edged type of music of the 80’s like Cum On Hear the Noise. But then again, even the 70’s had their sexually charged songs, with Travolta singing about “tits” and “pussy wagons” for heaven’s sake! Thankfully, we have now evolved in the 21st century with more subtle songs like “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It.” Sure, she may be talking about her lesbian experience, but the images are far from ponrograpihc. Perhaps her next hit will make references to orgies and three ways? Who knows? I suspect, however, she will eschew the XXX and gay fare, and go straight. Of course, I could be wrong..she may lead her next album with the beastiality show stopper “I Kissed a Dog and Il Liked It!”

    Anyway, good pick on the Walk Hard selection.

  2. Amy says:

    Okay, I know I’m woefully behind, and I’m here to catch up on several days of great reading. But before I could even get started I had to comment on the new look of your site. Very nice. 🙂 Okay, now off I go to the content. I’ll be back here shortly.

  3. Amy says:

    In case it wasn’t obvious, I had neither read your blog entry nor Dana’s … comment before writing my own. Otherwise I would never have started it with the phrase that “I’m woefully behind… ” for fear of where else this thread might travel.

    While I think this is a great song to start off a week of comedy songs, I’d rather see a clip and song from Walk the Line (or from Johnny and June themselves) to launch a week of less ridiculous duets. Still, to continue on the comedy theme for at least the day, I agree with Dana that Lyle and Randy Newman are the two artists who immediately occur to me when I think of musicians who can amuse with their songs.

  4. Dana says:

    For those reading this blog who aren’t in on the joke, my spicey response was intended to provoke some google hits:)

  5. Clay says:

    I’ll let you know how the Google bomb worked out. 🙂

    I chose this song as a kick-off to duet week because it is called… wait for it… ‘Let’s Duet.’

  6. Vin says:

    This movie was a lot better than people gave it credit for. Thankfully I don’t think WIll Ferrell was spotted in this one at all.

    Ben Folds.

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