Song of the Day #15: ‘Close Your Eyes’ – Jump, Little Children

Jump, Little Children is one of those odd little bands that has a following of about a hundred people but just about every one of those hundred thinks it’s the best band ever.

I like them a lot, but I don’t feel the religious zeal of their most ardent fans. In fact, some of their songs I find downright annoying. In the way The Beatles used to let Ringo write and sing something every once in awhile, Jump, Little Children lets accordion player Matthew Bivins take center stage twice per album to do some sort of rap/modern jazz hybrid that really grates on me.

Yes, they have an accordion player.

Jump (as they later renamed themselves) has a unique lineup — guitar, bass, cello, accordion and drums. They throw in some harmonica and mandolin as well. It’s a great combination that has resulted in some very special songs that don’t sound quite like anything else out there.

The song I’ve chosen to highlight today, however, is very simple. Just lead singer Jay Clifford and an acoustic guitar. It’s a soft lullaby that could be directed to a child or a lover, and a favorite of mine.

Tell me you had bad dreams last night
‘Cause you were rolling in your sleep
Tell me you hate those bright street lights
Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps

Please, close your eyes
Please, if you don’t want to say
Please, close your eyes
Please, what keeps you awake

Tell me the air up here’s too thin
You can’t feel the wind when it moves
Tell me the stars are made of tin
And that they’re banging on the roof

The sun will rise
And keep your mind at ease
So close your eyes

3 thoughts on “Song of the Day #15: ‘Close Your Eyes’ – Jump, Little Children

  1. Amy says:

    I have to admit that you totally had me hyped up for accordions and cellos. I can see why this song would be a favorite, though it certainly doesn’t satisfy the promise that it doesn’t “sound quite like anything else out there.” Bring on the accordions! Oh, and in case it needs saying, this song and this group typifies why Dana and I try to spring a Jars of Clay on you every now and then, and why we’re always unsuccessful šŸ™‚

  2. Clay says:

    Here are a couple more typical J,LC songs… one from the CD, one live:

    Cathedrals | Violent Dreams

  3. Dana says:

    Nice song, though i agree with Amy that this one doesn’t strike out as hugely original.

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