Song of the Day #4,955: ‘Everything She Wants’ – Wham!

My 12-year-old self never appreciated Wham! back in 1984 when they were one of the biggest things in music. I dismissed them as bubblegum pop, unworthy of serious consideration, even before I started regularly seeking out and listening to music.

I held the same opinion of Wham! as I discovered George Michael’s Faith (1987) and Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 (1990), two albums of sophisticated songcraft that I loved and took as a sign that Michael had put aside his embarrassing past to become one of pop’s great artists.

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Song of the Day #238: ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ – Wham!

whamThat’s right… I’m not playing around here.

You asked for it and you’re getting it. And don’t bother with the Joni Mitchell requests… no room for over-achievers. This week is one inch deep and a mile wide.

I remember being shocked when Wham! shed their pretty boy image and went all dark and leathery. The guys prancing around in this video were so feathery soft they were in danger of floating up to the ceiling. Watching this, it’s amazing there was a time people doubted George Michael was gay.

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