Song of the Day #3,387: ‘Army’ – Ben Folds Five

I had a harder time than I expected making a pick for Day 24 of the 30 Day Music Challenge, which asks for ‘A Song By a Band/Group You Wish Were Still Together.’

For one thing, most of my favorite artists turn out to be soloists. And the bands are either still together or past the point of getting back together. I don’t see The Beatles, for example, as eligible for this category because two of them are dead. I don’t think my wishing they were back together extends to wishing people back to life.

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Song of the Day #216: ‘Mess’ – Ben Folds Five

messnerBen Folds Five’s third (and final) album, The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner didn’t live up to the promise of their first two. Studio gimmickry too often stands in for strong songwriting, especially in the album’s second half.

The first half, however, features several fine songs, including the lilting Bacharach-esque ‘Don’t Change your Plans,’ the crowd-pleasing ‘Army,’ and ‘Magic,’ a somber ballad about the loss of a grandparent.

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