Song of the Day #1,350: ‘Playing to the Firmament’ – Dar Williams

My latest Random Weekend selection is the opening track of Dar Williams’ 2000 album The Green World.

As a follow-up to the sublime Mortal City and End of the Summer, The Green World falls a bit short but does contain a few great tracks. The best of them is ‘After All,’ one of my favorite songs.

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Song of the Day #341: ‘After All’ – Dar Williams

darwilliamsDar Williams is another example of an artist I don’t completely get (I’m not a “fan” in the sense I discussed yesterday) but I love a lot of her songs.

Actually, I can go further than that… Dar Williams has written some of my very favorite songs, songs that move me, shake me, rip me apart and put me back together again.

One example is ‘When I Was a Boy,’ which I wrote about back in October (and which remains my #1 YouTube referral… clearly that song has touched a lot of people).

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