Song of the Day #3,917: ‘I Don’t Know’ – Teenage Fanclub

These Decades weeks usually turn up a couple of artists I feel like I should like, whether or not that ends up happening.

For 1991, the lucky winner is Teenage Fanclub, the Scottish alternative pop act that released its breakthrough third album, titled Bandwagonesque, that year. Influenced by bands like The Beatles, The Byrds and Big Star, Teenage Fanclub paid as much attention to melody as the grunge guitar sound of the time.

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Song of the Day #3,178: ‘Everything Flows’ – Teenage Fanclub

Wrapping up my look at the music of 1990, here’s Teenage Fanclub with their debut album, A Catholic Education.

The Scottish alternative band would morph into more of a power pop band on subsequent releases, but this album sounds like an early grunge record. I’m guessing I’d prefer their later work.

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