Song of the Day #3,018: ‘Fearless’ – Taylor Swift

taylor_swiftBack in 2008, Taylor Swift was a country artist with major crossover appeal, and her sophomore album Fearless broke every sales record for a country album on its way to being the biggest selling album of any sort that year.

And that was the lowest point of her career to date.

With apologies to Adele and Beyoncé, Swift is no doubt the most successful, landscape-dominating artist recording today. It’s hard to imagine her next album (whatever and whenever it may be) won’t improve on the gaudy numbers of her most recent smash hit, 1989. Talk about a winning streak.

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Song of the Day #2,997: ‘Christmas Must Be Something More’ – Taylor Swift

taylor_swift_christmas_moreToday’s Random iTunes Selection is the most disturbing song ever recorded by Taylor Swift.

One of two original tracks on her 2007 holiday release Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection, ‘Christmas Must Be Something More’ sounds just like a dozen Swiftian pop songs, but its message boils down to a ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’ bumper sticker.

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Song of the Day #2,896: ‘Eyes Open’ – Taylor Swift

hunger_games_soundtrackHere’s the lesser-known (or at least lesser-known to me) Taylor Swift song from the original Hunger Games soundtrack. Her other contribution, ‘Safe & Sound,’ is a haunting track featuring backing vocals by the Civil Wars.

This one has a more typical Swift-ian sound, and is therefore less of a stylistic fit for the movie. Catchy song, though.

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Song of the Day #2,652: ‘Wildest Dreams’ – Taylor Swift

taylor_swift_wildest_dreamsIn Billboard’s fourth and fifth spots are a couple of repeats — one I like and one I loathe. At #4 is Fetty Wap with the horrible ‘679‘ and rounding out the top five is Shawn Mendes with the respectable ‘Stitches.’

Taylor Swift’s dominance continues as yet another 1989 single hits the top ten. ‘Wildest Dreams’ is the fifth 1989 track to reach the top ten, making this one of only 21 albums in history to have that many songs on the chart. And the album is sure to generate at least one more hit, if not several.

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Song of the Day #2,377: ‘Blank Space’ – Taylor Swift


Best Songs of 2014 – #5
‘Blank Space’ – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dominated the music scene last year with her first foray into pure pop, 1989. The album was the year’s top seller (even edging out the Frozen soundtrack in a photo finish) and showed up high on just about every critic’s list.

It’s tempting to call 1989 Swift’s most superficial record, but I think it’s generally as deep and satisfying as her previous work. It’s not the dessert, it’s the whole meal.

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Song of the Day #2,301: ‘1989 Medley’ – Superfruit

superfruit_taylorIn a case of perfect timing, I discovered Superfruit’s medley of all 13 track of Taylor Swift’s 1989 just as I was posting my own review of the album.

So I’ll wrap up this not-random weekend with their take on the record, which is predictably awesome. Maybe not up to the level of their Beyoncé medley, but excellent nonetheless.

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Song of the Day #2,300: ‘Style’ – Taylor Swift

taylor_swift_1989I’m taking a break from Random Weekends in order to get in a quick review of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Swift’s music has generated enough discussion on the blog that I feel I owe it to my loyal readers to chime in on this latest batch.

1989 is, as everybody knows by now, Taylor Swift’s “pop” album. Though she has always flirted with pop in her music, even when she was a bona fide country artist, she has fully embraced the genre here.

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