Song of the Day #3,457: ‘What Lovers Do’ – Maroon 5 feat. SZA

Maroon 5 shows up at #9 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100, assisted by SZA on the track ‘What Lovers Do.’

This is the 13th song Maroon 5 has landed in the top ten since 2004, with 10 of those coming in the past seven years (how many numbers can I fit into one sentence?!). This band is a pop juggernaut.

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Song of the Day #3,434: ‘Drew Barrymore’ – SZA

SZA is another artist I discovered through my daughter Sophia. While I haven’t listened to her debut full-length album CTRL (released this summer) in full, I like what I’ve heard.

SZA is the stage name of Solána Imani Rowe, a 27-year-old soul singer born in St. Louis, Missouri, but raised in a predominately white suburb of New Jersey. Raised by a Christian mother and Muslim father, she hopped between their faiths as a kid and now practices Islam. As a girl, she wore a hijab until bullying following the September 11th attacks forced her to stop.

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