Song of the Day #3,459: ‘All That I Am’ – Rob Thomas

Here’s a ballad from Rob Thomas’ 2005 album …Something To Be, his first solo work after three successful albums with Matchbox 20.

Thomas released two more solo albums, including one in 2015, while Matchbox 20 went on a decade-long hiatus. The band released an album in 2012, suffered the departure of lead guitarist Kyle Cook, then reunited this year to tour with Counting Crows.

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Song of the Day #369: ‘Now Comes the Night’ – Rob Thomas

robthomasI generally think of Rob Thomas as a decidedly middle-of-the-road artist. I don’t mean that in the MOR sense, though I suppose he is that to some degree as well, but in the sense that his music isn’t wonderful and it isn’t bad. It’s… good. And sometimes good just isn’t good enough when it comes to deciding what to listen to in a collection of hundreds of CDs.

Now I fully admit that this assessment of Thomas might be off base. Indeed, I quite like the hit songs he’s written for Matchbox 20 (‘Push,’ ‘3 a.m.’ and ‘Bent,’ among others) and you’d have to be deaf to not appreciate the smash hit ‘Smooth’ he wrote for Santana. And I really like the poppy funk (or funky pop) of ‘Lonely No More,’ the first single off his debut solo album Something to Be.

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