Song of the Day #369: ‘Now Comes the Night’ – Rob Thomas

robthomasI generally think of Rob Thomas as a decidedly middle-of-the-road artist. I don’t mean that in the MOR sense, though I suppose he is that to some degree as well, but in the sense that his music isn’t wonderful and it isn’t bad. It’s… good. And sometimes good just isn’t good enough when it comes to deciding what to listen to in a collection of hundreds of CDs.

Now I fully admit that this assessment of Thomas might be off base. Indeed, I quite like the hit songs he’s written for Matchbox 20 (‘Push,’ ‘3 a.m.’ and ‘Bent,’ among others) and you’d have to be deaf to not appreciate the smash hit ‘Smooth’ he wrote for Santana. And I really like the poppy funk (or funky pop) of ‘Lonely No More,’ the first single off his debut solo album Something to Be.

So maybe he’s better than middle of the road… maybe he’s closer to the side of the road I like than I’ve given him credit for. I’ll have to think about that.

But I’m not highlighting Rob Thomas today because of his music. I’m highlighting him because I just love this guy as a person. Everything I’ve seen about him, from his onstage banter in YouTube clips to media reports about him and his wife, suggest to me that he’s an all-around swell guy.

I especially like his attitude about homosexuality. Once upon a time he was rumored to have had sex with Tom Cruise, and he responded with this witty remark: “If I were gay, Tom wouldn’t be on the top of my list…it would be Brad Pitt. I’m more offended by the rumors saying I’m a Scientologist.” That immediately endeared me to the guy. Cruise, meanwhile, probably filed three lawsuits.

This year, Thomas wrote a Huffington Post article in response to California’s Proposition 8 that made we want to go out and buy all his albums just to show support.

Now back to the music… this song, ‘Now Comes the Night,’ is one from his solo album that really sticks with me. It was written for his wife about his plans to grow old with her. Very sweet stuff.

When the hour is upon us
And our beauty surely gone
No you will not be forgotten
And you will not be alone
No you will not be alone

And when the day has all but ended
And our echo starts to fade
No you will not be alone then
And you will not be afraid
No you will not be afraid

And when the fog has finally lifted
From my cold and tired brow
No I will not leave you crying
And I will not let you down
No I will not let you down
No I will not let you down
I will not let you down

Now comes the night
Feel it fading away
And the soul underneath
Is it all that remains?
So just slide over here
Leave your fear in the fray
Let us hold to each other
Until the end of our days

And when the hour is upon us
And our beauty surely gone
No you will not be forgotten
And you will not be alone
No you will not be alone

18 thoughts on “Song of the Day #369: ‘Now Comes the Night’ – Rob Thomas

  1. Amy says:

    From the moment the first notes started wafting from my tinny laptop speakers, I was gripped. HIs voice, these lyrics, the simple music – all have me completely in love with this guy. He’s like a more gentle voiced Marc Cohn (not that Cohn is Joe Cocker :)) I’m now off to read the Huffington article.

  2. Amy says:

    Yup, running out to buy his entire collection right now. How has this guy not been on my radar before? I’ve heard his name but couldn’t have told you if here were on a supporting actor on Mad Men, an indie film actor or a singer/songwriter. Off to explore his various contributions to the world of music…. Oh, and if the rumor is true, my estimation of Tom Cruise has just taken a giant leap forward.

  3. Clay says:

    Ha! You’ll probably know some of the Matchbox 20 songs, and you definitely know ‘Smooth.’

  4. Amy says:

    Of course I know “Smooth”; I just hadn’t connected him with whatever songs he sings (one from “Meet the Robinson’s it turns out) that I know. Once I read the Matchbox 20 connection, that rang a bell. Not that I have any association with Matchbox 20 other than knowing the name. So is his new album out yet? I’ve read about 10 different things regarding its release date?

  5. Clay says:

    I think it came out a week or so ago. That song, the first single, is about his wife’s struggle with lupus (certainly a unique topic for a love song!).

  6. Amy says:

    “I love Matchbox 20,” Maddie just said, as she popped by and looked at the computer over my shoulder. Wow! I’m losing my mind. She’s clarifying that she loves a particular song by them, so I shouldn’t feel so bad. Still…..

    this is the song that caused her declaration… though we couldn’t find the original video of it with which she also fell in love 😦

  7. Clay says:

    Good one, I’d never heard that before.

    I like this one a lot (’3AM’)… written about his mom having cancer (guess he likes writing about illness).

  8. Amy says:

    Okay, if Tom had the opportunity and didn’t tap that, the gay question is officially settled in my mind.

  9. Amy says:

    We’re digging this one – though I have to listen more carefully to get the lyrics. Hope his Mom is okay 😦 I think I’ve become a huge Rob Thomas fan in the course of a single morning. Very cool.

  10. Dana says:

    I like most of what I have heard from Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20. Not exactly how Amy coul have missed 3AM!

    I agree with the consensus here that it’s probably worth checking out more of his music.

  11. Kerrie Rueda says:

    And if you want to take another quick trip, he’s going to be playing on my campus for our Homecoming week concert (yes, that’s one of the events I oversee…not Gator Growl, but the best we can do with 4500 undergrads…). 🙂 Tix are cheap and I can get good seats. Just sayin…

    And, for the record, I have always liked Rob Thomas as a solo act better than Matchbox 20 which, for me, got way too much airtime and over-saturated me on their music…

  12. Amy says:

    I assume we’re talking some time in October? What’s the weather like then? 😉

  13. Poker Face says:

    There is a great new article in Rolling Stone Magazine about Rob Thomas that talks about his tough childhood and the fact that his mother, who died 3 years ago, didn’t approve of his wife and used to terrorize her.

  14. Leeroy Giant says:

    I really love this song it is so touch right

  15. Leeroy Giant says:

    this makes my eyes water because it is so beautiful!! anybody else agree with me?

  16. brian says:

    well most comments are 2 yrs old so not sure who is gonna see this now but…
    from what I heard “now comes the night” is about his dying mother when the time was near for her to pass…3am is also about his mom while she was alive and how he handled it growing ,she had cancer I recall when Rob was about 12 yrs old…and she now has passed…..her diamonds is about his wife who battles an auto immune disease ,the video explains it pretty well and I think Ever the Same is also about her

    enjoy,you have found rob thomas truly one of todays greatest writers/singers

  17. Middle of the road? He’s just good? Fuck off mate

  18. AngRamMB20Fan says:

    Rob Thomas is my favorite songwriter/musician. He and the MB20 band members are such a great group of talented guys alone, as well as together as a group, and they don’t get enough credit. Aside from all the great songs we’ve heard played on the radio, there are so many I’ve just only recently discovered in the last year or two. Check them out if you haven’t already! If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked! They are: Give Me The Meltdown, Mockingbird, Remembered Well. I Think We’d Feel Good Together, The Great Unknown, Pieces, Bright Lights, So Sad So Lonely, Black & White People, Rest Stop, Leave, Stop, You Won’t Be Mine, Hand Me Down, The Difference, Parade, Overjoyed, I Will, Our Song, How Long?, Radio, Like Sugar, I Believe In Everything, Argue, Angry, Kody, Crutch and Feel. Also, check YouTube for lots of cover songs. Rob Thomas does a great cover of George Michael’s Father Figure and MB20 does a great cover of Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealer’s Wheel, but you’ll find tons more! ENJOY!

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