Song of the Day #3,423: ‘My One and Only Love’ – Bob Dylan

More than a year ago, I called Fallen Angels, Bob Dylan’s second album of standards, “the unlikeliest Bob Dylan album since the album he released a year earlier, Shadows in the Night.”

I guess that makes Triplicate the unlikeliest Bob Dylan album of them all. Not only has Dylan released his third straight album of stately covers from the Great American Songbook, this one is a three-disc set. As Rolling Stone pointed out in their review, Dylan “has now made more successive albums in this idiom than in any other style since his world-changing mid-1960s electric trinity, Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde.”

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Song of the Day #163: ‘My One and Only Love’ – Sting

stingI finish off this week’s theme with an obvious selection — our wedding song. Alex and I came across this version of the classic tune on the Leaving Las Vegas soundtrack. Not a very uplifting movie, to be sure, but the song is just wonderful.

We had our first dance to this song, and if we could do one thing differently at our wedding, we would have let other couples join in before the song was over. As it was, we got out there in the center of the dance floor and ambled around for what seemed like an eternity. Honestly, I half expected a significant number of guests would have left by the time we were finished.

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