Song of the Day #3,953: ‘Saturday Nights’ – Khalid

Yesterday I wrote about the impressive debut album by Jade Bird. Two years ago, El Paso-based singer-songwriter Khalid put out an even better one in American Teen.

That album was fresh and exciting and sounded like nothing else I’d ever heard, due to Khalid’s youthful perspective (he was 17 at the time), his low-key delivery, and sparse, lovely musical landscapes.

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Song of the Day #3,483: ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ – Khalid

Khalid’s debut album American Teen was one of 2017’s musical highlights, and its laid-back appeal is perfectly summed up in the video for second single ‘Young Dumb & Broke.’

The clip features the carefree last day of high school (a time from which the 19-year-old Khalid is not far removed), following a wonderfully diverse group of students as they hang out and enjoy the fleeting moments between childhood and adulthood.

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Song of the Day #3,433: ‘American Teen’ – Khalid

I haven’t done a week of ‘What the Kids are Listening To’ songs in awhile, largely because I’m so unimpressed with what passes for hit music these days. ‘Bodak Yellow,’ seriously?

But I thought this would be a good time to dedicate a week to songs that my actual kids are listening to, specifically my 15-year-old daughter Sophia.

Sophia likes her share of music I find horrible (again, ‘Bodak Yellow,’ anyone?) but she has introduced me to a number of songs I quite enjoy. This week I’ll highlight five of them.

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