Song of the Day #4,558: ‘How?’ – John Lennon

This track from John Lennon’s 1971 solo album Imagine is 18 days too late to officially mark the 40th anniversary of his death, but it will have to do.

It’s hard to believe that John Lennon has now been dead for exactly as long as he was alive. When I see that something happened in 1980, it doesn’t seem all that long ago, but then I realize we’re a full two decades into the new millennium. Damn, that happened fast.

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Song of the Day #3,701: ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon

Imagine, John Lennon’s second solo album, is my third favorite album of 1971, which is a good indication of just how strong that year was for music.

This is the album that gave us ‘Imagine’ and ‘Jealous Guy,’ two of the best songs Lennon ever wrote, with or without The Beatles. It contains many other pleasures, including the country rock of ‘Crippled Inside,’ the hard rocking ‘Gimme Some Truth’ and one of the best pure pop songs of the era, ‘Oh Yoko.’ It also features one of the earliest, nastiest dis tracks in ‘How Do You Sleep?,’ aimed at former pal Paul McCartney.

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Song of the Day #3,172: ‘Gimme Some Truth’ – John Lennon

john_lennon_imagineJohn Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (the song) is such a classic that it’s easy to overlook how great Imagine (the album) is, too.

In addition to the iconic title song, you have ‘Jealous Guy,’ ‘Oh Yoko,’ ‘Crippled Inside’ as well as the lesser-known ‘It’s So Hard,’ ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier,’ ‘Oh My Love,’ ‘How?’ and ‘How Do You Sleep?’ That last one is a scathing takedown of Paul McCartney (“those freaks was right when they said you was dead”), which calls one of the “first diss tracks” in pop music.

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Song of the Day #2,112: ‘Imagine the Band’ – John Lennon/Wings

john_lennonI came across this mash-up of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and Wings’ ‘Band On the Run,’ somebody’s attempt to manufacture a Lennon/McCartney reunion post-Beatles breakup.

It’s an interesting experiment that improves on the latter song (at the expense of the former). But I’m mostly intrigued by the crazy creative things people can do now with basic computer equipment.

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