Song of the Day #952: ‘Hey Ya!’ – Outkast

A few weeks ago I went to a going-away party for a former student of my wife’s who is joining the Coast Guard. The music, served up from an iPod as I suppose most music is these days, was a mix of hip-hop and pop songs from the past decade.

At one point, Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya!’ came on and a surge of excited recognition washed over the room (ok, over the five or six people left in the room who were paying attention to the music). My 4-year-old daughter launched into one of her trademark dance moves.

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Song of the Day #209: ‘Hey Ya’ – Hayley Legg

hayleyHave to regain my manliness after Mr. Dreamy’s song yesterday, so I’m going back to the cute girl well.

Hayley Legg is an Australian with a ton of YouTube videos and her own Web site, which is a great testament to the possibilities afforded a musician in the new technological landscape. She’s unsigned and plays in bars and clubs like aspiring musicians have for eons, but she has a level of exposure unheard of a decade ago.

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