Song of the Day #4,942: ‘Hello Again’ – The Cars

Every time I hear a song by The Cars, I vow to dig deeper into the band’s work. Their New Wave power pop sound is right up my alley.

1984 saw the release of The Cars’ fifth studio album, Heartbeat City. The album spawned six successful singles, including the band’s all-time biggest hit, ‘Drive,’ as well as two other MTV staples in ‘You Might Think’ and ‘Magic.’ That trio of songs defined the mid-80s for my tween self as much as anything I’m featuring in this Decades installment.

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Song of the Day #2,886: ‘Magic’ – The Cars

cars_heartbeat_cityThe Cars are another band who passed me by in the 70s and 80s (to be fair, I was between 6-10 years old at the time). I’ve since picked up a couple of their albums, spurred on by $3.99 sales at Amazon.

One is their self-titled 1978 debut, which features such hits as ‘Good Times Roll,’ ‘My Best Friend’s Girl,’ ‘Just What I Needed’ and ‘You’re All I’ve Got Tonight.’ That’s one hell of a start.

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