Song of the Day #4,942: ‘Hello Again’ – The Cars

Every time I hear a song by The Cars, I vow to dig deeper into the band’s work. Their New Wave power pop sound is right up my alley.

1984 saw the release of The Cars’ fifth studio album, Heartbeat City. The album spawned six successful singles, including the band’s all-time biggest hit, ‘Drive,’ as well as two other MTV staples in ‘You Might Think’ and ‘Magic.’ That trio of songs defined the mid-80s for my tween self as much as anything I’m featuring in this Decades installment.

The rest of Heartbeat City is equally sublime. Opening track ‘Hello Again’ kicks things off with an irresistible groove while closer ‘Heartbeat City’ uses the same tools to form an atmospheric ballad. In between, alongside the undeniable hits, deep cuts ‘Stranger Eyes’ and ‘Looking For Love’ are every bit as strong.

Heartbeat City is an excellent album, and yet The Cars had two others that performed as well or better. Their self-titled debut and sophomore album Candy-O are just as chock full of hits and hits in waiting.

The band released one more album in the 80s — the underperforming Door to Door — before breaking up. The reunited for their final studio album in 2011, but without bassist/vocalist Benjamin Orr, who died of cancer in 2000. Ric Ocasek passed away in 2019, a year after the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Hello, hello again
Hello, hello again

[Verse 1]
You might have forgot
The journey ends
You tied your knots
You made your friends
You left the scene
Without a trace
One hand on the ground
One hand in space

[Verse 2]
Oh, you passed on mercy
You tried the rest
You gave your body
You gave the best
Staring at the green door
Living in the sky
You don’t want to know it
You just want to fly

Hello (hello), hello again
Hello (hello), hello again

[Verse 3]
I know (I know you’re a dreamer)
Who’s under the gun
I know (I know you’re a dreamer)
Who’s only just begun

Hello, hello again
(I say) Hello, hello again

Oh, and when there’s nothing
Nothing left to lose
You leave it all
To fade to blue

[Verse 4]
(You want to feel) electric
(You want to feel) loose
(You want to be) eclectic
You want to call a truce
(Look) at the profile
Staring at the flame
(Waiting) for the sunshine
Standing in the rain

Hello, hello again
(I said hello) Hello, hello again. (Hello again)
(I said hello) Hello (hello), hello again
Hello (uh oh), hello again

Hello, hello
Hello, hello

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day #4,942: ‘Hello Again’ – The Cars

  1. Dana Gallup says:

    I was always drawn into the Cars’ sound, though I never listened to their albums – just the numerous hits you mentioned. Seems like hearing the rest of the albums would prove rewarding.

  2. Amy says:

    The Cars is one of those bands I likely wouldn’t know at all if not for MTV, and I thank the network for introducing me to a sound I loved despite never making a point of owning a single of their albums. By the way, did you see that Paulina is dating Aaron Sorkin? Or did I dream that?

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