Song of the Day #4,306: ‘Alameda’ – Elliott Smith

A little less than a month ago, I posted an Elliott Smith song on a Random Weekend and pointed out that, with 11 Random Weekend posts, Smith was far outpacing the number pure chance would suggest. Now I’m back with the 12th.

Random chance, of course, predicts that clusters like this will appear. Smith is the beneficiary of a phenomenon that was bound to happen to somebody. I’m glad it was him.

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Song of the Day #1,674: ‘Rose Parade’ – Elliott Smith

elliott_eitherI was really worried I’d dredge up another Christina Aguilera track from Bionic today, so this is an even more welcome treat.

‘Rose Parade’ is one of the standout tracks from Elliott Smith’s wonderful album Either/Or. It details, in a more straightforward way than he normally used, his participation in a street parade.

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Song of the Day #1,360: ‘Angeles’ – Elliott Smith

Best Albums of the 90s – #14
Either/Or – Elliott Smith (1997)

Either/Or was not my first exposure to Elliott Smith and challenges my “first love” theory by being my favorite by far.

I discovered Smith through his follow-up record, 1998’s XO, then sought out his back catalog. All of his albums have a similar mood and sound, with varying levels of production values, but Either/Or hits the sweet spot.

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Song of the Day #723: ‘Between the Bars’ – Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith released Either/Or, his most celebrated album, in 1997. It hewed closely to his self-titled album in style and sound, but his songwriting reached a new peak.

Several songs from this album (including today’s SOTD) showed up on the soundtrack of Gus Van Sant’s film Good Will Hunting. Smith also wrote an original song titled ‘Miss Misery’ for the film and was nominated for an Oscar.

One of the most surreal moments of the ceremony had Elliott Smith dressed in a white tuxedo joining hands with Celine Dion (who had performed the theme from Titanic) to take a bow in front of tens of millions of people worldwide. He described it later as like “[walking] around on the moon for a day.”

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