Song of the Day #772: ‘Inevitable’ – Shakira

Two years after Pies Descalzos made her name, Shakira released 1998’s Dónde Están los Ladrones?, a wonderful album that remains her creative peak.

The album’s title (which translates to “Where are the thieves?”) was inspired by an incident in which Shakira’s luggage was stolen at the Bogota airport. She lost her notebook of lyrics for her next album and was forced to start from scratch. This was in the days before external hard drives.

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Song of the Day #185: ‘Ojos Asi’ – Shakira

shakiraSeeing Shakira at the inaugural celebration the other day (on TV, that is) reminded me that it’s been awhile since I featured her on the blog. Having picked a ballad last time, I’ve decided to go with a more fast-paced tune today.

‘Ojos Asi’ is the closing track on Shakira’s excellent Donde Estan los Ladrones? album. It mixes Latin beats with Indian and Arabic influences into a heady, sultry dance track. The titles means “Eyes Like Yours” in Spanish, and having not looked into the translation, I’m assuming this is another love song.

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Song of the Day #11: ‘Moscas en la Casa’ – Shakira

I’m a lyrics guy.

I’ve never been into instrumental music, apart from the occasional jazz or classical album that slips through the cracks. I hate jam bands. I like verses, choruses and bridges. I like words in my music.

So I never found room for foreign language artists in my collection. I’ve enjoyed a Puccini aria or two, sure, but no international pop or rock stars. I just didn’t see myself getting into songs performed in another language.

And then I found Shakira.

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