Song of the Day #4,807: ‘Diamond Dogs’ – David Bowie

I haven’t done a full-career deep dive of David Bowie, but I did spend three weeks in 2016 exploring his catalog following his death.

Among the albums I featured was 1974’s Diamond Dogs, an ambitious record that paired Bowie’s glam rock style with a grungier aesthetic inspired by the Rolling Stones. Best known for ‘Rebel Rebel’ and the title track, the album sold well despite mixed reviews.

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Song of the Day #4,790: ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll With Me’ – David Bowie

One of the most rewarding deep dives I’ve done on the blog was of David Bowie, back in 2016 a few months after his death. I didn’t cover all 25 of his studio albums, but I did get to the 15 with the most acclaim and/or notoriety.

Because I hadn’t yet joined the streaming revolution at the time, I wound up buying the Bowie albums I didn’t already own, and as a result they now form a decent sized chunk of my increasingly outdated iTunes collection.

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Song of the Day #2,871: ‘Rebel Rebel’ – David Bowie

david_bowie_diamond_dogsDavid Bowie followed Aladdin Sane with the disappointing Pin Ups, a covers album released the same year (1973). But six months later he returned with a proper album, Diamond Dogs.

This is a quick record with several throwaway connective tracks. The second half features songs from a proposed musical based on George Orwell’s 1984 that Bowie never got to write. The first side features two hits (the title track and today’s SOTD) along with a three-song suite bookended by a song called ‘Sweet Thing.’

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