Song of the Day #4,453: ‘The Long Race’ – Bruce Hornsby &amp the Range

This is the third Bruce Hornsby song to show up on a Random Weekend in the past nine months. Prior to that, the only Hornsby song on the blog came more than nine years earlier, in September of 2010.

This song is new to me. It’s the fourth track on his debut album, a record I know through its singles: ‘The Way It Is,’ ‘On the Western Skyline,’ ‘Every Little Kiss,’ and ‘Mandolin Rain.’

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Song of the Day #4,335: ‘Fields of Gray’ – Bruce Hornsby

Yesterday I mentioned that my Random Weekend selections often lead to the discovery of recent work by the represented artist. Bruce Hornsby is another example. The piano man released a new album just last year — an avant-garde fusion of jazz, classical and progressive rock titled Absolute Zero. Good for him.

I’m partial to Hornsby’s early work. You know, those 80s classics like ‘The Way It Is,’ ‘Every Little Kiss’ and ‘Mandolin Rain.’

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Song of the Day #4,181: ‘Look Out Any Window’ – Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Today is my birthday, and because it falls on a weekend, the Random iTunes Fairy gets the chance to serve me up something appropriate, ironic, bizarre or boring to mark the occasion.

Let’s spin the dial and see what song sums me up as I turn 47…

Well, Bruce Hornsby’s ‘Look Out Any Window’ doesn’t have much meaning to me personally, but it’s a great song about the state of the world, and one just as relevant today as when it was released in 1988.

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Song of the Day #802: ‘Every Little Kiss’ – Bruce Hornsby & The Range

Unlike Eric Clapton, Bruce Hornsby is an artist I know I’m missing out on. For whatever reason he just never made it on to my radar but I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from him over the years.

He’s one of those songwriters whose music is so layered and interesting that I could see listening to it without vocals. He combines jazz, blues and pop forms as effectively as anybody out there.

And that’s not to discount his vocals and lyrics. On the one full album of his I own — his debut, The Way It Is — he tells tales of the downtrodden with a novelist’s eye and sings them just beautifully.

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