Song of the Day #3,807: ‘Urgent’ – Foreigner

I’m passingly familiar with the next featured 1981 album, Foreigner’s 4. I bought it for $5 a couple of years ago because it seemed like an album I should own.

4 was, appropriately, the rock band’s fourth album. I was going to write that it was by far their most successful, but a quick check revealed that, while this album sold 6 million copies and spent 10 weeks in Billboard’s #1 spot, their 1978 album Double Vision actually outsold it by a million.

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Song of the Day #1,106: ‘Run the World (Girls)’ – Beyoncé

You might have been wondering why I crowned a winner yesterday instead of waiting for the last day of my two-week summer song series.

Well, the final day (as it was last summer) is dedicated to Beyoncé. But her new single, ‘Run the World (Girls),’ is not strong enough to capture the title. So I dealt with that bit of housekeeping yesterday so I could end on the sweetest of all notes.

As for the song, I have to say it pretty much sucks. I haven’t liked what I’ve heard of Beyoncé’s new album, 4 — either the ballads or the dance tracks. Truth is, there are only four or five songs in her whole discography that I find worthy of repeat listens.

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