Song of the Day #3,067: ‘What Else You Wanna Know’ – Maria McKee

maria_mckee_life_is_sweetThe last time I featured a Maria McKee song on the blog — a little under two years ago, on another Random Weekend — I had the same thing to say that I was going to write now.

So I’ll just quote myself:

One of the nice things about Random iTunes Weekends is that I’m sometimes introduced to a brand-new song from my own collection.

I have no idea who Maria McKee is or how her album, Life is Sweet, ended up in my music library. I assume I got it at a dollar sale in a cut-out bin back in the days of CDs.

I still don’t know how or why I wound up with this album in my collection, and I’m just as intrigued-from-a-distance by today’s SOTD as I was about that one.

Tell your mama you don’t need it
You don’t need it anymore
And if she tries to feed you
Spit it out on the floor

I dream in a box it’s empty
I love to sleep
If you’re dyin’ to get lost
Don’t die with me

And you hang (around my neck so tight)
Like a baby (you cut into my throat)
And you hang (what else you wanna know)

And I love what we are
But I hate what I am
And I wanna be like you
But I hate when you’re like them

Don’t wanna be a father
It’s too good of an excuse to leave
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born
It’s too bad of an excuse to breathe


And we all wake up together
These pictures shinin’ in our heads
Sometimes I leave the house
Sometimes I stay in bed
And we all wake up together
And we trade each other jive
Take me with you when you go
There’s so much I wanna know

One thought on “Song of the Day #3,067: ‘What Else You Wanna Know’ – Maria McKee

  1. Dana says:

    And here is my comment from the last time you posted on this person, which still applies:

    This is the great thing about the random weekend as well as just hitting shuffle on iTunes, the ability to discover, or rediscover, a song or artist who you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Here, she sounds like Alanis Morrisette roughing up an Aimee Mann song. Kinda interesting.

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