Song of the Day #3,060: ‘No Words’ – Wings

wings_band_on_the_runI don’t know much about Wings and I’ve never listened to Band On the Run — the only album of theirs I own — all the way through. So today’s Random iTunes selection was new to me.

Listening to it, it struck me as very much a cousin to late-era Beatles, something that would have felt at home on Abbey Road. Which makes sense, because it was presumably written by Paul McCartney.

However, that’s not the case. ‘No Words’ is the one song on Band On the Run written by somebody other than Paul (and Linda) McCartney.

It was written by band member Denny Laine, who had this to say about its composition:

“The only song I wrote was ‘No Words,’ and that ended up being a dual composition, because ‘No Words’ was two songs that were put together. It was Paul’s idea to put two of my songs together, which made one song, and then he added a few lines in the last verse and helped me put it together. So it came to be a dual composition. But basically it was my song and all the rest of the songs were his.”

Guess he was a Beatles fan.

You want to give your love away
And end up giving nothing
I’m not surprised, that your black eyes
Are gazing
You say that love is everything
And what we need the most of
I wish you knew, that’s just how true
My love wasNo words for my love

You’re burning love, sweet burning love
It’s deep inside
You mustn’t hide, your burning love
Sweet burning love, your burning love

You want to turn your head away
And someone’s thinking of you
I wish you’d see, it’s only me
I love you

No words for my love


One thought on “Song of the Day #3,060: ‘No Words’ – Wings

  1. Dana says:

    I only know the hits from this album, and this wasn’t one of them. Pleasant enough though.

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