Song of the Day #3,038: ‘Finally’ – Cymbals Eat Guitars

cymbals_eat_guitarsI’m always surprised when I see the name of an artist that’s completely unfamiliar to me and then discover they’ve been recording for a decade. Such is the case with Cymbals Eat Guitars, an indie rock outfit hailing from Staten Island. The band formed in 2007 and have released four albums, including this year’s Pretty Years.

Entertainment Weekly has this to say about their latest single, ‘Finally’:

If Springsteen were making music in an East Williamsburg flophouse, it might sound a lot like this wonderfully noisy stoner-rock anthem from the Staten Island-bred indie stalwarts.

I hear more Jane’s Addiction (a comparison offered up by a YouTube commenter) than Bruce Springsteen, but it has its appeal.

Let in the empty wind
Full of holes
I’m an instrument
If this is infinite
The center is everything

Dilated and smiling
See lives from the outside
Look up
Snow is falling again

A pretty painted house
In a shitty part of town
You settle down

Used to light up a room
Then again maybe that ain’t true
Wanna light up the night
Refineries and Christmas lights

My love is a mantra
When I speak it, it weakens
I’ll just squeeze your hand three times

If it’s infinite repeats
I’ll take the blizzard of ’16
I’m ready now

Try to take it all with me
But we forget finally

One thought on “Song of the Day #3,038: ‘Finally’ – Cymbals Eat Guitars

  1. Dana says:

    A little too heavy for 6am, and probably for the rest of my day as well.šŸ˜„

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