Song of the Day #2,948: ‘Just Keep Walking’ – INXS

inxsLike yesterday’s SOTD, today’s track comes from the 1980 debut album of a popular rock band with a brash, charismatic lead singer. Only these lads come to us all the way from Australia.

INXS’ self-titled debut doesn’t sound at all like the music that would make them famous. Five years before Listen Like Thieves and seven years before Kick, they were searching for an identity, mixing up New Wave and post-punk into an unremarkable stew.

At least Michael Hutchence, just 20 years old, already sounded like a rock star.

Here’s what he had to say about the band’s debut:

I’m not a great fan of the first album. It’s naïve and kinda cute, almost. It’s these young guys struggling for a sound. All I can hear is what was going to happen later and it’s probably an interesting album because of that. “Just Keep Walking” was the first time we thought we’d written a song. And that became an anthem around town. It’s funny, I remember kids in pubs saying it and hearing it on the radio the first time. We’d never heard that before.

Green Fields – Grass and earth
Broken bottles – bricks and dirt
Sunshine soothing – clouds are hazy
Dark street corners – feeling lazy

Fast car driving
Sleek and modern
Public Transit
Photos Waiting
Blood and glass
Three points of rain
Carpet Lining
Seats reclining
Clever words on smooth tongue talking
Shove it brother – Just Keep Walking

City Penthouse – the kitchen living
A country home – it’s a kitch living
Money can buy almost anything
But anything’s nothing – when you’re dead

One thought on “Song of the Day #2,948: ‘Just Keep Walking’ – INXS

  1. Dana says:

    I doubt I’ve ever heard anything from this album before. Their sound certainly became more distinctive in their later albums.

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