Song of the Day #2,868: ‘Tender Branch’ – Tift Merritt

tift_another_countryAh, Tift Merritt. I find this woman’s voice, and her songwriting, as emotionally satisfying as pretty much any music I own. She exudes thoughtfulness and sensitivity, but with an underlying grittiness. Just sublime.

Today’s Random Weekend selection is the closing track of Merritt’s 2008 album, Another Country. She has been so consistently good that I can make an argument for that album being her best, her “worst” or anything in between.

It’s been nearly four years since her last record, Traveling Alone. How about some new material, Tift? Of course she just gave birth to her first child, so I guess she’s preoccupied.

Maybe she’ll record an album of nursery rhymes. I’d listen.

Once I ran like the wildest horse.
I reached up high and I clenched my fist.
What happened then goes just like this,
Oh the tender branch is gonna fall.

I was young and I thought it brave,
Fighting to find the mystery’s face.
You got to give it a gentler chase,
Cause oh the tender branch is gonna fall.

Sometimes you fall up these stairs, but it’s a long time ‘fore you know.
No matter where my heart is now, there’s a long, long way to go.

There is a church in St Sulpice.
I’ve seen the pilgrims come to pray.
I’m gonna lean in hard on that grace,
Cause oh the tender branch is gonna fall.

7 thoughts on “Song of the Day #2,868: ‘Tender Branch’ – Tift Merritt

  1. Dana says:

    I’m pretty sure you could knock on her door and ask her for a demo. At least her kid increases her concert goers by .5😄

  2. Peter says:

    According to her fan forum Tift “recently finished an album that will likely be released in early 2017”! And she sings harmony vocals on Hiss Golden Messenger’s new album “Heart Like a Levee” (release date October 7).
    Sorry, no information on nursery rhymes so far 🙂

  3. Clay says:

    Well, that’s good news!

    • Peter says:

      Marc Ribot and Eric Heywood (father of sweet Baby Jean) on board again! Thanks for the detailed description of Lu’s “Ghosts…” – although not necessary in my case, it’s a breathtaking album about love, loss and maybe a couple of marbles in the mouth… well, I adore her since many many years, her concert in Bruxelles in January (with Buick 6) was excellent. I liked Dana’s comments anyway because they reminded me to a lot of sarcastic comments that I spitted at Don Henley’s “Crass Country” (or something like that)… So many great artists involved and so little fun and soul, just hard work and desperate effort like “I must prove that I can produce a perfect Country album”. Well, that was my impression. No, I’m not Jeffrey Lebowski. Is it… er… Wednesday😎?

  4. Peter says:

    Latest news: release date of “Stitch of the World” is January 27. First impression (iTunes, 7digital) is… well, I look forward to it!

  5. Peter says:

    Any review of “Stitch…” planned? It’s a wonderful album and I had the great pleasure to meet her after her – terrific – show in Amsterdam last week. She and Eric Heywood enchanted the audience. Pure magic!

  6. Clay says:

    Wow, great timing! I’m working on posts about Stitch of the World right now, in fact, and I kick them off with a mention of your previous comment in this post. They’ll start in about a week.

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